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1. having leaves secured in book form in a cover whose spine may be opened for adding, arranging, or removing leaves

2. a boutique marketing and communications agency with a knack for building unique brands and memorable messaging



Communicating is hard, and you have an arsenal of embarrassing text messages to prove it. At Looseleaf, we know it's not always easy to get your point across. Luckily, we have nearly a decade of experience talking to all kinds of Canadians: your eccentric uncle, your friends and neighbours, journalists, elected office holders, that girl you tried to ask out at last year's Christmas party. Don't worry, we knew what you were trying to say. Here, put down the tequila, and let us draft that for you. 



It's 2018. Websites are important. Kinfolk has a great website. Space Jam (arguably) does not. Often the point of first interaction between you and who you're trying to reach, you need a site that's great to look at, easy to navigate, and clearly represents what you do. 


If your social media acumen lies closer on the spectrum to your great aunt's than it does to Kylie Jenner's; Looseleaf is here to help you. We'll build a tailor made plan to increase your brand's reach, engagement, and conversion rate across social channels. 


So you've built something you believe in. Something great. You know it and we know it, maybe nobody else does yet. But one thing you're not is a boaster. Our goal is to work with you to craft a unique look, feel, and voice that stands on a soap box and announces just how great this thing you've built is, so you don't have to. 


Whether you're hosting a party, playing a gig, handing out a brochure, publishing your annual report, or advertising online, Looseleaf can take your brand and translate it into beautiful digital or print assets that draw the right crowd and send the right message.


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